The big day, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day is around the corner. This day puts unrealistic expectations on many of us, in particular restaurants. Somehow, they are still expected to serve the same scrumptious food that brought us there while letting us linger over dinner and stare into our loved one’s eye. Oh- and they have about one hundred other couples that would like to do the same thing, so if you could hurry it up…

Going out for a special dinner on Valentine’s Day is my least favorite activity. On my first Valentine’s Day I expected a calm, elegant dinner but experienced massive crowds, a waitress that was trying to turn the table quickly and unmemorable food. Since that day, I’ve opted to stay in, regardless if I’m dating someone or not. Even though it is a commercial holiday and I say I don’t buy into it, admittedly, my Valentine’s Day dinners are usually a little more special than normal dinners.

This is where I am at a crossroads…

I’ve recently started seeing someone. We are getting to that stage where I’d like to cook for him. Trouble is Valentine’s Day is around the corner and he’s admitted to me he’s never been seeing someone during Valentine’s Day.  I’m conflicted. The practical, StuffedDates side of me wants to keep the first meal simple but the I LOVE COOKING AND I WANT TO SHOW YOU WHAT A FANCY DINNER LOOKS LIKE side wants to do it up.

Seeking a little guidance… Follow the link for a survey…




4 thoughts on “*A VALENTINE’S DAY POLL

    • Poll results are still coming in. Right now:
      Results are:

      Do a Standard First dinner and don’t worry about the day – 5 votes

      Go big or go home – 1 vote

      Find a happy medium. It’s Valentine’s Day, so it should be a little special, but keep with the standard StuffedDates tradition – 7 votes.


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