Dating and Writing

It has been an interesting journey…

Revisiting old feelings and conjuring the happiness over an old relationship when you’re single is easy. It is less desirable to conjure these happy feelings when you’re deeply happy and excited about a new relationship. You don’t want to work on writing assignments you’ve given yourself and write about a meal you cooked for a different man during a different time in your life. I have been side-stepping my obligation to continue the Stuffed Dates story. I’ve been focusing on new stories and new characters with My Love as inspiration.  Writing news new stories is not bad, but it is not what I set out to do with this blog. The new love has enabled me to approach people and thoughts them in a whole new way. But, by not finishing the original task, I am not being true to my other writing side.

When I get over this cold, I can dive back into these other stories. I can remain grateful that while I was assembling the blog, I wrote a number of stories out of order because I had to get that portion of life out of my veins.